Every Business Size

Solutions for large, midsized and small, fast growing businesses.

Every Industry

Industry-specific functionality spanning a broad range of businesses.

Every Role

Solutions addressing the needs of all the team as per their role.

Current Software

Replacing QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP and other business systems.

Suite Success

Our mission is to make software easier to implement and run.

All the tools your team needs to transform your business

Baba Software helps you with every aspect of your better business processes with all the right tools put at one place.

Payroll baba

Calculate salary in minutes and transfer it to employees' bank accounts directly from Baba Payroll.

CRM baba

Mobile and social CRM tools offered by Baba CRM put you exactly where your customers are.

ATS baba

A single core solution to streamlines the entire hiring process.

LMS baba

e-Learning systems provides access to online materials and courses for training and development purposes

AR baba

Managing your Accounts Receivables effectively.

Sales baba

Monitor and manage your Sales anytime, from anywhere.

Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

It's a very user friendly product, we're impressed, their support team is the best thing about BABA Software. It's a brilliant software and can be recommended to any company.


It has excellent experience in using highly customizable BABA Software and helps you to manage customer relationship better, will recommend to all.