All employee information in one place

Baba consolidates all of the employee information across the internet into a secure and centralized information store that is easily available from anywhere. All your employee information can easily be collected, imported and stored in the database.


Beautiful Employee Profiles

No need to remember and grope around hundred different places before finalizing payroll.
All decisions required to process payroll are consolidated in one screen.

Pending activities and reconciliation of Payroll right where you need them.


Employee Documents

Baba HR software comes with employee document management system that would allow the HR team or employees themselves to upload and maintain Identity, Education, Work Experience and Internal performance docs in one place. You can define permissions on who has access to these documents.

What HR Baba does for you ?

HR Baba provides you with a complete solution for managing the entire employee life cycle. As your business grows and your needs evolve, select these HR solutions to tackle your specific HR management challenges.

Retain your best people and grow them

Save time, reduce employee turnover and easily identify internal leadership candidates.

Manage time and attendance

Improve your entire workforce's time management and cover all types of employee absences.

Go paperless

Choose one tool to manage all HR processes and integrate payroll, compensation, performance reviews, self-service employees, and more.

Hiring the best talent

Nothing is as expensive as hiring the wrong employee. Our HR Baba recruiting and onboarding solution, and its self-service tools, automates and streamlines recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees.


Manage your employee benefits with Simple, self-service time tracking, paid time off, and benefits tracking to make paying your employees on time and accurately an easy and delightful experience.

Make smarter decisions about your people

Act on precise, rich workforce analytics and employee information about their skills, demographics, insurance, and more.

A complete on-premise human resource management solution that will help you maximize every amount you invest in your employees.