Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System

Online Payroll System is the most efficient and effective means of managing the financial accounts of an organization. It is basically a tool which handles, salary, bonuses, rewards, expenses, withholdings, deductions and wages of all the employees in an organization. This software keeps records of weekly, monthly and annual wages and taxes of all employees. This is a fair system of distributing salary to all employees. No one can say that unfair or unjust deductions or bonuses have been granted out of spite of favor as in this case software that is the Payroll Software is taking all these payroll decisions.This software can be customized or made to use your existing applications and systems to take its decision and manage your financial accounting. The major plus points of using an effective payroll system include convenience, easy usability, flexibility, reliability and savings.By savings we mean that it saves a lot of money of the organization by automating the Payroll Management System.

Choosing Payroll Software for Your Business

When choosing the right one for your business, the most important factors are the simplicity of use, compatibility with other platforms, the ability to evolve to your business´s changing and growing needs, and customization of fields to accommodate your business' unique structure. This software is much more reliable than the traditional paper-based methods which are becoming extinct. If your business has less than 500 employees, then the choice to use that software will suit you well and take care of your accounting and needs seamlessly and automatically. Being able to afford the option to hire individuals to keep up with payroll is a nice luxury, but for the rest of us, it is a much more practical choice. Saving time and money are very important aspects of that software. It should be simple to use so that inputting employee time is effortless and calculations can be performed at the click of a button. Ensure that the Payroll Software you choose has the most up-to-date calculations, as outdated calculating can ruin your efforts to be organized while making your data obsolete.

Staff Payroll Software

Make Payroll Simple

We provide everything for a need to manage and empower the company to grow within a few clicks and makes payroll process pleasant.


Our software is fully integrated with onboarding, leave, attendance, travel expenses, performance, etc.


Payroll Baba allows unlimited pay heads and parameters to calculate salary, loan, bonus, overtime, variable or fix pay based on performance and all statutory compliance.


You can configure the world’s most complex payroll to a simplified one by implementing Payroll Baba.

Handling Compliance

Automated system to calculate all the statutory compliance like TA, DA and other taxes.

Rich Analytics

Payroll Baba provides rich insights into the attendance and time patterns of your employees with real-time analytics.

Control your end-to-end payroll for your employees so you can focus on growing your business

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All Payroll activities from one screen
  • No need to remember and go to 10 different places before finalizing your payroll.
  • All decisions required to process payroll are consolidated in one screen.
  • Pending activities from previous screen and reconciliation of Payroll right where you need them.
Optimized Salary Structures

Payroll Baba provides rich insights into the attendance and time patterns of your employees with real-time analytics.

Full & Final Settlement

Employee separation is already a painful situation for every organization. Payroll Baba helps you with situation by making the entire settlement process. The guided wizard captures every little detail and makes it a breeze to process.

  • Notice Period Adjusments
  • Leave Encashments
  • Asset Recovery
  • Loans & Arrears
  • Gratuity & Other Payables
  • Settlement Statement

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