#1 Cloud Payroll Software in India

BABA Payroll is India's best payroll management software. This is a complex process due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements. You need a stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure.

The perfect online payroll software for your business

Salary Management (100% Statutory Compliance)

Accurate, complete and flexible system designed to support complex working and handling all aspects of salary processing with ease.

Time & Attendance Management

Integration with any biometric device and recording of real-time attendance details to improve the efficiency of payroll processing.

Reimbursement Management

Allot, claim and report various reimbursements provided to the employee and easily comply with tax regulations.


It helps your recruiters and recruitment Managers to easily manage the candidate resumes, posts jobs to various sources, shortlist eligible candidates, manage candidate Interviews and send offer letters

Document Management

The document management is the perfect way to make HR admin a much more efficient and streamlined process

Statutory Compliance

Stay compliant with all payroll laws for seamless working on different statutory compliance like PF, PT, ESI, TDS etc.

Exit Management

Ensure a smooth exit of the employee by maintaining all the exit reports and automating the final settlement process.

Reporting and Analysis

Generate valuable reports on various payroll workings at different stages to provide an insight to employee pay process

Loans, Advances & Bonuses

Payroll software provides loan repayment using easy to use EMI management.

Leave Management

Complete management of leave details of the employee with ready to read reports, on request.

Employee Self Service

Increasing efficiency by engaging employees in the self-service portal for ease of process.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices always features integrity, as well as the availability of data anytime anywhere, helps in moving your organization ahead.

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